1. An excessive or inordinate desire of gain; greediness after wealth; covetousness; cupidity.
  2. An inordinate desire for some supposed good.
  3. One of the seven deadly sins.

7 letters in word "avarice": A A C E I R V.

Anagrams of avarice:

Words found within avarice:

aa acari ace acer acre ae aecia ai aia air aiver ar arc are area areca areic aria ava ave aver car care carve cave caver caviar cavie ceria cire civ cive crave ea ear er era eric erica ice icer ire raca race rai raia rave re rec rei rev ria rice riva rive vac vae vair vaire var vara vare varec varia vera via viae vicar vice vie vier vire vraic